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Thanks Hannah!



Eight-bit Anarchy Club


Bad-ass “Kill For You” cover (second half of video)


Killer art sent in by Rachel F.


We like this:


Thank you Charles in Brazil:


And of course, we can’t forget our man in France. (French required)



    • Charles Lindberg
    • Posted November 1, 2010 at 10:43 pm
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    Oh, thank you so much, guys! I really appreciate it *-*

    YOU ROCK \ , , /,

  1. Thanks for posting the above music video, of My Brother- Eric “35” Scott, and (guitarist) Jeremy Moore. We are big fans of your music!


  2. Hey a little birdie told me you guys put the video Erik and I made up. Totally honored, you two are great! keep up the good work. Hope to see you in Columbus sometime.

    Thanks again,

  3. You guys should put more songs on the Guitar Hero network thing because most of my music games are Guitar Hero and I would really love to buy some Anarchy Club songs for my games.

  4. Hi my name is erik I saw you guys put our youtube video of kill for you up on your fansite I love mickey and mallory it was a great movie you guys ruled making it into a song. Thanks a lot keep writing em I will keep listening.

  5. I love all of your merchandise. I know I have spent a lot of money on you guys. Anarchy Club forever.

  6. Hey Adam I’m getting my braces changed soon and I wanna know what two colors are the official Anarchy Club colors are so I make them my braces colors. Thanx

    • We discussed this today and decided our official colors are black, red, and white. Sorta.

      Sorry, I guess that’s three colors! Gotta say your idea is one of the more original I’ve heard in a while…

  7. Thanx cuz I tried black and grey and it didn’t look that right

  8. Hey Adam you said that you guys will start putting stuff on the Guitar Hero online market and that was a while ago and I just wanna know when because I keep looking and you guys aren’t on there yet. I don’t know if It’s a hard thing to do or anything I just figured it would be a little easy since Keith was with GH I could be wrong I don’t know. I just wanna know so I can stop spending all my money on your website when I could be buying songs because I mostly play GH. The reason why I bought Rockband 2 was because I heard Get Clean was on it. So just please keep me up to date on that. Thanx.

    • Hey Raven,
      Not sure where you heard about Guitar Hero online market — we are only about the Rock Band Network. (As you prolly already know, GH & RB are made by different companies that kinda don’t like each other.) So yeah, Keith was with the GH company, but only the first two versions of the game, when it was made by the company that later became RB. (He hasn’t been there for years now, anyhow.) If you’re looking for our stuff as DLC, RB2 I think will work for you.

      Check this out:

      Hope that helps.

  9. Thanx it did help.

  10. Hey can you show us how to play the hardest Anarchy Club song on guitar?? I have a talent show in a few weeks and I wanna play my guitar and make it Anarchy Club since you are in my top 3 bands but I wanna make sure it shows off my skillz. Just don’t make it your cover of Bloodstains please. Lyrics don’t matter I can play any song It’s just that Bloodstains only plays guitar for half the song and I’m doing the talent show by myself. Thanks I owe you one as always.

  11. So what would the song be??

    • The hardest song to play? Ha, I don’t know man. They’re all pretty crude and simple, really. We sure ain’t Beethoven. The only hard bits are the solos.

      Maybe “Murder Simulator”? It’s kinda tricky to play it tight as it rushes along. And the choruses have to be played with kind of an exaggerated bluesy feel. Should be easy enough to figure out on guitar by listening to the track, and then practice getting the feel down.

      Good luck!

  12. Okay thanks. Would would be the hardest solo?? I figured something like “Collide”, “Get Clean”, or “Riddle Me This”
    would be hard

    • Get Clean was the hardest solo for me to do, by far. It took me four solid days to get it right.

  13. Sounds like it but I’m willing to put time and practice into it. I have taken years to practice songs before. Can you show us “Get Clean” please??

    • I can barely find a free hour every few days to work on new Anarchy Club stuff… I’m pretty exhausted (that’s why you haven’t seen many posts from us lately). I can’t commit to posting any new instruction videos for a while.

      What if you did your own interpretation of the song? Like turned it into a classical guitar version or something wild like that, based on how you would play it? That’d be worth putting your time into, no?

  14. Good point, I will try that. I turned “A Single Drop of Red” into a 12 minute piano and violin song. And it worked so I will try it.

  15. Hey Adam, I’m going to write a song called “Anarchy Club” and I’m hoping that you can tell me what the whole meaning of the band is and what kind of impact you and Keith plan on making on the world and the people on it as a band and through your music. Thanks.

  16. Thanx but I read that like 7 times and just to warn you I like doing lengthy songs

  17. When you have time. NO RUSH. Can you show us “Get Clean”

  18. Hey Adam what is “Blood Doll” about??

  19. Sounds cool. I was curious because you guys don’t really write about that stuff.

  20. Can you also please tell me what “nameless” and “All the Fires Burning” is about too??

    • First one is Jet Li’s “Hero”, second is Keith’s vision of the coming collapse of civilization. He talks a lot about getting ready for that!

  21. Thanks. I remember after reading your “Enemy Ace” interview i got all worked up on things that you and Keith are all about and i spent a whole day watching a lot of kung fu movies from the 70’s and 80’s. I also have to thank you for getting me into Killing Joke and Guitar Wolf. I love Guitar Wolf because I learned Japanese so I could watch Godzilla without subtitles so I can pretty much understand the lyrics to Guitar Wolf so thank you.

  22. Hey what is “Enemy Ace” about?? And a class I played “Get Clean” since we are doing a big thing about WWII and the Holocaust. So I did my best to learn the notes by ear and play it in your honor.

    • It was inspired by a WWI airplane dogfighting game we were playing heavily at the time of recording TWAIP. Can’t remember the name, it was something like Air Aces or Fighting Aces, on PS2. Or was it a WWII game? Anyhow, there was a lot of gaming and kung fu movie watching going on during the recording of that album.

  23. That’s cool. That’s what I’m about. Thanks for info.

  24. Keith, I’m doing a project for art class and it needs to be based on a character. It can be any character in the world. I want to do the project on Blood on the Snow. I was hoping you could tell me more of the origin and story on her that the song did not reveal. (If there is any such info.) If you chose to do this for me if you have the time, You can E-mail me or post it on here It’s up to you. And don:t worry I will give you credit where It’s due I swear as a huge Anarchy Club fan. Thanks again. Your the best. Keep on rockin you two,

    • I have to create a kick ass back round for her as well. You know. An environment she would be in. That info would help too. Thanks.

  25. Man, I’ve searching for this url since I played “Behind The Mask” in 2008 I guess… well, it’s an honor to made it! I fuckin’ love Anarchy Club since then, I just needed to congrat you guys for making the best band I ever heard, floowed by Stone Sour and Deftones. eternal thanks and please please please, come to Brazil!!

  26. Hellooo! want you see my guitar cover of Behind the mask…
    the Anarchy Club is a great inspiration for me. Thanks for all your musics

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