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No Auto-Tune was used in the making of these recordings. And it never will be.

2014 “Pulling Back The Veil” EP.

Pulling Back the Veil by Su Young Kim

Pulling Back The Veil

Breathing [cover song, originally by Kate Bush]
Let’s Ride (Lashed But Not Leashed)
Captive Truth In A Forest Of Lies
Past Tense

Alice Ishbel Watson: vocals on Breathing
Su Young Kim: cover art

2013 “20 Eyes” single.

artwork by Su Young Kim

20 Eyes

20 Eyes [cover song, originally by The Misfits]

Su Young Kim: cover art

2012 “Life In The Underground” CD/DD.

Life In The Underground

Hidden Secret Song
Maternal Fornicator
The Fangirl
All The Fires Burning
Blood On The Snow
Bloodstains [cover song, originally by Agent Orange]
Hello Kitty
Orgasmatron [cover song, originally by Motörhead]

Alice Ishbel Watson: vocals on All The Fires Burning, Blood On The Snow
Cynthia von Buhler: vocals on The Fangirl
Raqmo: cover art

2011 “Skulls” single.


Skulls [cover song, originally by The Misfits]

Russell Farhang: violin
Raqmo: cover art

2011 “Yin Against Yang” Double-A-Side single.

Yin Against Yang

Für Immer Verloren

Caleb Wheeler: drums on Criminal
Raqmo: cover art

2009 “The Art Of War” CD. Liner notes and artwork are here.

The Art Of War

Rise And Shine
Murder Simulator
A Bullet In The Head
Foreign Invader
Riddle Me This
Get Clean [featured in ROCK BAND 2]
If I Can
Hot Lead / Cold Steel
Built To Grind
Changing Of The Guard

Caleb Wheeler: drums on Rise And Shine, Murder Simulator, Foreign Invader
Ernesto Longoria: drums on A Bullet In The Head, If I Can, Built To Grind
Alice Ishbel Watson: vocals on A Bullet In The Head, Riddle Me This
Stoltze Design: cover art

2007 “A Single Drop Of Red” CD.

A Single Drop Of Red

Graveyard Stickshift
Collide [featured in GUITAR HERO 2]
Blood Doll [featured in ROCK BAND]
A Single Drop Of Red (The Gentleman)
No You Don’t [cover song, originally by Sweet]
Shaolin (Wudang Style)
Behind The Mask (Qigong Mix)
King Of Everything (Kalari Mix)
Enemy Ace (Anarkey Lime Pie Mix)
Behind The Mask (Dopplo Macchiato Mix)
Shadow Of A Ghost (Guilty Remix)

Jeff Miller: guitar solo on No You Don’t
Remixers: Kasson Crooker, Bryan Carrigan, Izzy Maxwell, M-Cue
Stoltze Design: cover art

2005 Debut CD, “The Way And Its Power”.

The Way And Its Power

White Noise
Enemy Ace
Guilty (Come Drink With Me)
King Of Everything
Hidden By Blue
Behind The Mask [featured in GUITAR HERO]
A Day At The Office
Kill For You
Through Windows Clear
Boss Fight
Wicked World

Jessica Lee: vocals on Hidden By Blue, A Day At The Office
Stoltze Design: cover art

* In 2005, under the name “New Bile”, the song “Don’t Tell Your Momma” was in the game Swat 4. This R. Kelly parody was accompanied by in-game posters featuring Keith as “K. Relly”.

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