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When Moses came down with the tablets, there was one commandment so important and so obvious that God* didn’t even feel the need to inscribe it.


So the new Killing Joke album “Absolute Dissent” is out, and for me that’s a big deal — they’re a huge influence. My personal quintessential KJ album is Extremities, but Keith and I agree that the self-titled 2003 album featuring Dave Grohl on drums is one of the most devastating albums of the decade.

Jaz Coleman, singer and channeler of primal chaos, often sounds exactly like a lion roaring straight into your face from two inches away. Who in their right or even their wrong mind would sand the edge off that with f#*$&# auto-tune? It was bad enough when they auto-tuned the hell out of James Hetfield on Death Magnetic. But JAZ COLEMAN?

Hey, I can understand using auto-tune as a special effect now and then, and maybe in extreme cases subtly fixing a bum note in an otherwise great performance. But cranking it up and leaving it on, as more and more contemporary producers are doing by default, is satanic. On this issue, I will remain a Luddite.

I am proud to say that I don’t use it on Keith, and unless we’re going for a particular special effect, I never will.


* FSM, naturally

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