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Coming in a couple of weeks: a new double-A-side digital single, “Für Immer Verloren / Criminal”. I’m just putting some finishing touches on the guitars and Raqmo is finishing her cover art. As he was born to do, Keith brings the fire on these two songs, lyrically and vocally.

The first track is a pounding fist, steady and thunderous, while the second is more of a roller coaster whose brakes have stopped working.

I sincerely hope these new tunes cause a delightful loss of bodily function control for you all.

Stand by…


  1. Awesome!!! I’ll be happily waiting.
    What does “Für Immer Verloren” mean though?

  2. I am very much so anticipating some new tunes, though I still listen to all the albums like a kid with new toy syndrome.

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