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Please insert into your ears the following sonic waves: YIN AGAINST YANG.

The cover art comes from the mysterious ninja empress RAQMO.

Drums on “Criminal” were performed by the Right Honorable Caleb Wheeler.

We hope these tracks will tide you over for a while until we drop the next batch later this year.

As with all Anarchy Club music, play this LOUD.


  1. You continue to out do yourselves yet again! I must say that I am addicted to the thrill that is new Anarchy Club!

  2. Nice! Are these songs going to be on your third album?

    • Nope, this is a stand-alone single. More stuff is coming down the pipeline this year, some of which may surprise. Stay tuned.

  3. Clearly this years best birthday present, thanks guys ;D

  4. Hey guys, I heard you’re running a little low on members.. I’ve always loved your music since I first heard Behind the Mask on Guitar Hero.. so yeah I’m a big fan and I’ve also been playin guitar for around 8 years now.. If you care for another guitarist, you can contact me. If not, that’s also ok. I love your music, and the new songs kick a LOT of ass.

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