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A haunting lament for the thing we all love most…

Keith sang.

Adam played the guitars.

Russell Farhang played the violin.

Raqmo did the cover art.

As always, Anarchy Club music is 100% AutoTune-free.

Grab it from iTunes!


  1. Wow, This is completely different from all other Anarchy Club songs. Still a pretty good listen, quite relaxing.

  2. yea, I bought it expecting a nice new AC song… instead it was creepy… and very somber. not horrible… but it’s not going on my ipod either… first AC song to not be added… that’s new…

    • The idea was to pay homage to one of our favorite punk anthems by the Misfits (the song is a cover). We loved wrapping the ultra-creepy lyrics inside a sweet, delicate flower bed of music. If you didn’t have the context around it, I can understand that you’d feel it’s over the line. It’s easy for us to forget that our sense of humor can be… rather bent. I’m really proud of it (particularly Keith’s heartfelt singing), but if it doesn’t make it into your iPod, I won’t be offended.

  3. It’s beautiful and quite different from your other songs, not something I would’ve expected from Anarchy Club. It was a little creepy the first time I listened to it but I really like it.

  4. I got that part, it’s why I liked it and respected it all the same. I just don’t really add a lot of somber to my ipod… I’m just glad you guys are still making new materiel đŸ™‚

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