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When Adam and I officially started doing Anarchy Club in the fall of 2004, I don’t think either of us had any idea of where that road would take us. We had been friends for years, and had worked on numerous musical projects together (Lashed But Not Leashed, Brothers Grimm, Fearless Vampire Killers, etc), but never got to really sink our teeth into anything because of other obligations musically. But that fall, everything fell into place. We were both sick of the music business machine, and the popularity and growth of emo and other more passive rock genres made us want to gag. So we decided that we just wanted to make the music we wanted to listen to, since nobody else seemed to be doing it at the time.

The first two songs we did were, as I remember, “Enemy Ace” and “Kill For You”. While “Enemy Ace” firmly was a template for where we were headed musically, it was our third song, “Behind The Mask”, that would be our first true “proof of concept” (And for the record, that song is about Batman).

The popularity of “Behind The Mask” skyrocketed with the success of Guitar Hero, and our first album was met with (mostly) rave reviews.

Since then, we’ve released an e.p. (A Single Drop of Red), another full length album (Art of War), and a handful of singles, with the most recent being our tongue-in-cheek cover of the Misfits classic, “Skulls”.

So, here we are, fall 2011. I think that Adam and I are closer than ever to transfering the music we hear in our hearts and souls into recordings in the studio. Our influences are many, as well as diverse, and in the past I think we unknowingly forced those influences into our music at times, as opposed to trusting what was inside, waiting for a chance to shine. But I can honestly say that the songs we’ve been working on recently are the most truly realized vision of the musical concept we’d aspired to in the fall of 2004. I’m excited to see them develop the way they are in the studio, and even more excited to hear what you, the fans, will think of them when they are released in the coming months.

So for all of you who’ve been along for the ride since the beginning, thanks for sticking around and standing by our side. To all who’ve come since, thank you for jumping on and becoming part of the international Anarchy Club family. For those of you who just found out about us, I welcome you into our random crew of misfits, outsiders, and thrill seekers. And I say to all of you, hold on tight. It’s been a long fun drive down this road to get where we are, but Anarchy Club has wings now, and it’s time to fly. Prepare for lift off.


  1. I first heard you guys through Guitar Hero 2 and it was an instant love affair. Each new release makes me feel like a kid at Christmas, only I have yet to be disappointed and this is much better than Xmas could ever wish to be. When I first heard your songs, it was like nothing I had ever heard but was exactly what I had hoped to find all these years while I aimlessly wandered the musical landscape. Keep up the excellent work and, above all else, rock on.

  2. I’m glad that I had the chance to hear your music. I still remember the first time I heard Behind The Mask. It was the week that Guitar Hero came out. I loved it the first time I heard it. Later, I had the chance to hear The Way and Its Power. Ever since then, I knew Anarchy Club was going to be my favorite band. It’s so different than everything else that I’ve heard and I’ve yet to find anyone else that sounds like you guys. I really love the lyrics to your songs too. There are so many things that I love about Anarchy Club. It would take a long time to write it all. I’m looking forward to hearing the new songs. I’ll be sure to play them loud, just as I do with all of the other songs.

  3. I about came when I read that Behind the Mask is about Batman. I mean, really. A band as awesome as you guys, and the first song I ever heard is about Batman. I can die happy.

    On a similar note, have either of you looked into Arkham City?
    You should.

    • Regarding Arkham City — sounds like you haven’t been following Keith’s twitter stream lately!

  4. Your first album is still in my top 5 all time best albums (can’t chose an order in there) I have the whole thing on my iopd, I keep the physical CD in my home stereo (yes, I bought it way back along with one of those “bruins looking” logo shirts)I also keep a copy in my car (wouldn’t risk keeping the real one there) as does my wife.

    Also, I’ve turned several people onto you guys since way back when… I used to run a “music suggestions” website from 2001 to 2007 and your band was suggested to a VERY large number of people (most of which also sick of current music)

    I’m glad you guys are around making music you love… especially since so many others love it too. I would like to personally thank you for being yourselves and making amazing music… so thanks and keep up the good work.

  5. Wow Keith….remember me??? So you did it! Good For you! Just think, it all started in the Taft, obsessed with “Kiss”…:)

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