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I’m curious about how new people are finding out about the band. How’d you discover us: a friend, a website, a game, the voices in your head? Let us know in the comments. It’ll help us strategize for the release of the new album in the spring.


  1. I’ve been listening since “Behind the Mask”, in Guitar Hero, so perhaps put a song or two (or all of em) on RBN? Just a thought.

  2. Guitar Hero.

    Bought the “Way and its Power” album soon after… hooked ever since.

  3. My friend showed me the song behind the mask, since then I have bought every album you’ve released, can’t wait for the next one! Put some more songs on rythem games, alot of folks seem to know you from them. Cheers.

  4. I found it by Guitar Hero 1, loved Behind the Mask. My brother got me The Way and its Power for my birthday one day, I listened to it, and that’s when I began looking you guys up. I agree with Alex, it looks like it’s the best option to get more fans and dosh.

  5. Can’t remember if it was Guitar Hero or Rock Band…all I remember is chewin ppl out when they say they’ve never heard of AC…

  6. It was Rock Band / Rock Band 2. I never owned the original Guitar Hero, and even though I had Guitar Hero 2 on 360 I don’t remember ever playing “Collide.”

    When I got around to trying to 5 star all the songs in RB2 I remember “Get Clean” being super awesome. Then I noticed that you also had another song “Blood Doll” from the RB1 export. And I was like, Whoa, these guys are awesome. I youtubed some of your other songs and I had to have them. Looked you up on iTunes and then BAM, downloaded. Then I found out you were only a 2 man group and I was like, WTF that’s awesome. Then I found out that Keith was black, and I was like, Holy Shit! That’s amazing!

    • Wait a minute, Keith is WHAT?!?!? How come nobody ever told me?

      (Actually, when people misinterpret “Get Clean”, we always reply: “you know the band is a black guy and a jew, right?”)

      • Woah, I didn’t know you were jewish either! Get Clean makes even more sense now.

  7. Guitar Hero 1 and Behind The Mask … Hooked ever since.

  8. Guitar Hero 2. A friend had it and the band name intrigued me, so I bugged him to play it. Collide immediately got stuck in my head (in a good way) and I eventually started looking up more. Have been hooked ever since. My incessant playing of your songs has added a small number of others to the mix.
    May I also recommend trying to get more of your stuff on Pandora. I have found it to be a fairly decent means of finding new and interesting less-known bands, yet they only have one of your albums so far.

    • Actually, a few months ago I submitted The Art Of War to Pandora, going through their formal process. They rejected it! 🙂

        • K Pu
        • Posted February 9, 2012 at 6:19 pm
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        hmmm, then maybe I should reject Pandora for such blasphemy!

      • I simply prefer to think of us as “an acquired taste”

        • Lori
        • Posted February 11, 2012 at 11:57 pm
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        How could Pandora reject The Art of War? It would’ve been great to have that album on there.

  9. Well, I wish that many more “acquire the taste” for I believe Anarchy Club is one of the best mixes of melodic and lyrical talent there is out there in this day and age.

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