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It just showed up on CDBaby, and should be on iTunes and other music services shortly.

Just one thing before you check it out:

For the love of Cthulu, PLEASE don’t fileshare, bittorrent, or upload our stuff!  Just don’t be that person!




Illustration by RAQMO


  1. well, I listened. it was awesome. also, the renamed song name is better IMO… funny and ironic.

  2. I bought the album as soon as I got the email and once again you guys have proven to be one of my favorite bands. I’ll keep buying your music if you keep making it!

  3. I love the new album!!! I definitely love “Maternal Fornicator”, “Nameless”, and “Blood On the Snow” the most. Or course, every song is great. Which ones are you planning to put in RBN?

    • One of the songs in your list is in our list as well for RBN, plus two you didn’t name. Glad you are feeling the album, especially because you’re one of our longest-term fans!

  4. is fangirl based off a true story? lol

    also, all your songs should be on the RBN list :-p

    also, I couldn’t choose faves from the new album… another solid release.
    lastly, in regaurds to future releases; please don’t ever do what all the other bands are doing now a days… don’t pander to the unwashed masses… and change your genre… that would make me has sadface.

    • 1. Only Keith knows…
      2. It’s a lot of work making all those stems! But I agree with your point. 🙂
      3. Thank you.
      4. We like to mess around with genres (“Bloodstains” on this album, for example), but stay true to the Anarchy Club spirit. On the other hand, pandering — no, we’ve got no interest.

  5. The new album is amazing guys. Keep it up. True to the Anarchy Club spirit is completely kick-ass. It’s hard to pick favorites, but “Blood on the Snow” and “Nameless” really stand out to me. I can’t wait to see everything and anything on RBN.

    Also, the art is pretty sweet too. I’ve always liked album art that doesn’t have words on it. Does it mean anything specifically?

    • I don’t want to make it too easy, but yeah, the art is important — it’s referenced in one of the lyrics to the songs. That’s all I can tell you…

      • Haha, okay, I got it.

        I have one more question though, is “Hello Kitty” talking about an actual cat or a woman? I’m 98% sure it’s about an actual cat, because you and Keith totally seem like a huge cat lovers but a lot of my friends think it’s just innuendo about a woman. Lol.

        Either way the song is still awesome.

  6. Definitely my favorite album, u weren’t kidding when u said it’d melt my cerebral corte-cor-corrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…
    ps. it took me two weeks to get the joke with Maternal Fornicator

  7. By the way, particularly those of you on this thread… we’d appreciate it if you could post a review on iTunes or CDbaby or wherever, now that you’ve had a good chance to inhale the smell of Life In The Underground.

  8. didn’t know I could review music off CD baby… just reviewed all your stuff, should show up in a few days.

  9. Definitely worthy of being Anarchy Club!. This has been on near constant rotation since I got the email and bought the album. I really like how you mixed things up a little, but kept to the true spirit of what makes Anarchy Club so great. Now to go to CD Baby and write some reviews!

  10. Collide is up!

  11. I was curious about the decision to use Cynthia’s vocals on the album, are you guys just on good terms, did you feel her voice was just right for the song, was she just a convenient person to ask, what’s the deal? I thought it was pretty cool, but I was wondering the reasoning.

    • Also, album is amazing, please for the love of God, don’t stop making music.

      • We’re already kicking ideas around about a new batch of songs…

    • Cynthia and I are still close and we all get together often. But aside from that, she’s one of the great artists of our time — we are happy to collaborate with her. The song seemed to call for it.

      Not to mention the fact that her husband is a fantastic musician, who can be heard playing violin on our recent “Skulls” single.

      We never do anything just because it’s convenient… life would probably be easier, but there’d be less love in the music.

      However you slice it, we really like the way “The Fangirl” came out. Super dark, a touch of humor, tells a story; those are top Anarchy Club goals right there.

        • Carson
        • Posted July 6, 2012 at 9:04 am
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        That’s totally sick man.

  12. Hey, I thought you guys would like this story –
    I was talking to a friend I haven’t talked to in about a year, I told him you guys were getting your music in Rock Band now, and he immediately DL’d Rock Band 3 and all the songs you put out. He had no intention of getting RB3 last I talked to him or even before that information.

    that’s how awesome you guys are.

  13. so I heard… keep it coming and I’m sure people will keep buying.

    my wife wants me to tell you to make sure to get “Hidden By Blue” in, it’s her fave.

    • Dan (A.K.A. Shalabajza)
    • Posted July 11, 2012 at 7:46 am
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    Dudes. Like… Dudes.

    I think that I am the happiest man alive at this very moment. I really am.

    I have been a fan of yours since last year. A Swedish friend of mine got me into your stuff over Youtube and I just kept putting it on repeat like a maniac! For a really short period of time, I became of your stuff, and your band became number one in my mind! I still go through your albums every day when I work, and I thought of checking out your site, just to see what goes on there, and then I see a new album came out.

    I was like… Q.Q (and I still am)

    At first they were happy tears, but then they became sad tears, because I can’t buy stuff off of iTunes in my country (Serbia) and I can’t use Spotify in my country… And of course, I do not have a credit card/PayPal does not exist in Serbia ;_: So practically, the only thing I CAN do is… Is… I dunno, ask my Swedish friend to buy it for me? That could work…

    Anyways, guys… I salute to you. I will give you my opinions right away when I go through the album! I feel that it won’t disappoint me!


  14. have you tried CD Baby?

  15. Brilliant album guys, bit of a different sound (particularly with Bloodstains) but love it overall. You have an incredible talent and it shows in the material you make. I don’t even bother listening to the previews on CD Baby now, I just impulse buy! Hasn’t let me down yet!

  16. I just want to ask, were there any specific inspirations for “Blood on the Snow” or any other songs from “Life in the Underground”? I’ve been listening to that song the most lately and I love the story the lyrics tell.

    • “Blood on the Snow” is about something Keith has been working on for a while; it’s a long-term project that I am not at liberty to reveal. All I can tell you is this: look closely at the album cover — you will see a connection to this song.

      As for other songs, here’s a tip… watch the movie “Hero” by Zhang Yimou, and see if you can figure out which song on the album it inspired…

  17. Well, this has been going hot on my Spotify lately. I found so many amazing bands through the bonus tracks of Guitar Hero 2…

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