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How to play “Behind The Mask”. We get a lot of requests for tabs; I hope this works for you guys instead.


  1. It worked but could you upload show us how to play A single Drop of Red or Get Clean or maybe Blood on the Snow or All the Fires Burnin’?? Thank you Adam

    • I’ll do at least one of those! Next one is going to be a Bullet In The Head because there have been specific requests for it.

      Glad to hear people are finding this useful instead of tabs.

        • Raven
        • Posted December 27, 2012 at 8:46 pm
        • Permalink

        Oh my god you replied back, sorry It’s just that Anarchy Club is my favorite band and I look up to you and Keith and consider you my idols. If it Isn’t too much, do you think you can start making hoodies?? I would like to wear Anarchy Club stuff everyday and I can’t afford alot of shirts.

      • We make the t-shirts in batches of around 100 at a time per style, so we need to sell out of our existing stock before we could think about doing hoodies as part of the next wave. It could be very cool, especially if we can find the right designer (since RAQMO moved back to Japan, and she was doing our imagery since the Yin Versus Yang EP).

        If you want to wear Anarchy Club on your person daily, I think that is a noble goal!

        As for responding, well, we are entirely motivated by our fans, so we enjoy keeping in direct touch with you guys.

  2. And when you go to upload one of my requests, take your time because I am in no hurry. The other fans matter more and besides. I’m willing to learn every Anarchy Club song I can get my hands on

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