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Category Archives: Punk rock in dangerous places

The girl biker gangs of Morocco.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you know we really get a kick out of hardcore culture flourishing in places where that really means something, like in brutally oppressive dictatorships. (For example, this and this)

Well, here’s another one, this time in Cambodia, former home of the Khmer Rouge killing machine. Now there’s a tiny punk scene in a dictatorship that never even experienced rock and roll.

Iranian skaters and a mohican hijab. Cool. (Remember, Iran is the place where they hang gay people. Non-conformity there is not a trivial thing.)

Iranian skater punx

punkrock hijab

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Goth goes global – Nairobi now boasts a sizable goth community

Goth goes global

Reminds me a bit of this.

That place is right behind North Korea in terms of authoritarian madness. When Keith and I read about this, we were both like, “now THAT’S punk rock.” The true spirit lives on…

Burmese authorities force punk bands underground

Indonesian government puts punk rockers in “re-education camps”; forcibly shaves their heads