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Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin, Bartek Mościcki! Teraz jesteś mężczyzną. Idźcie w świat i uczynić swój znak na jej temat. Dobrze żyć i grać głośno.

So Monday night we recorded Keith doing choir singing for a snippet of a movie soundtrack. It was for a revenge scene in the upcoming sure-to-be-classic “Piranha 3DD”. Unfortunately, it turns out the session we did isn’t going to be used in the movie. Meh.

Chuck helped mix a few songs on our last album. In honor of his brave dive out into the abyss (quitting his job to become a music engineer full-time), here’s a remix he cooked up a while back that never got released. It’s a trippy eight-minutes-long(!) trance-inducing tantric mantra.

Through Windows Clear – Prime Chuq Remix

(zip version)

Keith and Adam at the Killing Joke concert in Boston last Saturday. Photo by Su Young, who got to see her very first mosh pit since coming to America.