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At the BABYMETAL show last night. So, so, so good.

We thought he would never die.

Goodbye, Lemmy.

Long ago, we got a request from a fan who asked permission to use some Anarchy Club lyrics in his upcoming comic. Many years and tears later, his labor of love is finally available. Our songs set the tone for two intense fight scenes (of course). We hereby give “Retropunk” our official stamp of approval.

Into gaming? Keith is leading a lively discussion on this game over on our Facebook page right now.

So here’s what’s on deck for the near future:

* We’re going to try to bang out a new song or two before Keith leaves on his mystery trip this autumn.
* Physical CD versions of “Life In The Underground” are currently being made and will be available soon.
* A new run of the sold-out Original Logo t-shirts is underway.
* More songs are in the works for Rock Band Network.

A snippet of Anarchy Club and Russell Farhang running through “Skulls”. Just throwing random stuff up here to tide you guys over until the new album. We are pretty much just finishing one last song and then the album is complete.

If you like Wu Tang Clan and animation, this is a must watch. GZA tells a funny story about how he and RZA would sneak off to check out new music when they were little kids.

Best thing I’ve seen here on my trip so far…

Death Metal Pizza!