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Ok, hopefully this revamp of the website has brought a modest amount of fresh Anarchy Club insight into your world. However, despite the fact that Keith and I are as pretty as pressed petunias on a misty spring morning, I suspect you’re really here to get the latest on the music.

We are deep in recording mode, with about half a dozen ditties well underway. One, tentatively called “As Towers Fall To Sand”, is a swaggering, crunchy beast, with an anthemic chorus and one of my favorite guitar solos. This is going to be one for blasting loud in the car while going 180 MPH. Another, tentatively called “Criminal”, is a speedy series of punches to the face, the musical equivalent of a Gatling gun, and for the first time ever, Keith literally freestyled the lyrics on the chorus. I was sitting at the mixing board and was like, “what the… where did all that sudden awesome come from?” And another one, with a real Teutonic stomp to it, we are currently referring to only by what it sounds like: The “Nyrrrnyrrrnyyyyyrrrrr” Song.

Anyway, I don’t want to give away too much. And as always, Anarchy Club songs take a while to fully marinate and ripen. But you WILL be hearing from us in the new year…

– Adam


  1. Man, I can’t wait for more Anarchy Club goodness. Seems like it’s coming along well.

  2. I can vouch for the fact ‘As Towers Fall To Sand’ is an epic tune. Can’t wait to hear it again!

  3. I’m agree with Alice!


  4. Hey, Alice! (And Adam, by extension)

    I love “Ancient History.” Very awesome what you guys did!

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