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…The answer is Rage HD for iPhone/iPod Touch! It’s an amazing rail shooter from the people that brought you the classic Doom series.

The premise is simple. You are a contestant on Mutant Bash TV, a game show where you must survive wave after wave of horrific, bloodthirsty mutant freaks, all for cash and prizes!!!

The gameplay is fast paced and relentless, and takes quick reflexes to survive. There is a certain rhythm to the gameplay that lends a sense of urgency to the whole experience. Timing is everything. Pick the wrong time to reload or swap weapons and this game can end pretty fast. Choose your targets wisely as you run and gun through rabid hordes, snatching up loot and ammo while you race for the finish line.

While launched with only three levels, the replay value is high, as the whole thing has an arcade-y feel that drives you to shoot for the highest score you can. The graphics are honestly some of the most impressive ever seen on ANY handheld. And at a measly two bucks, you’d be an idiot to skip this one!

One Comment

  1. That’s killtastic
    You’re right Keith :p
    Well… That’s the most low price i ever heard in my entire life! And… i know that an iphone it’s very expensive!
    So… that’s great Keith

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