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Here’s the deal- You ask us 20 questions, and we’ll answer them. Send in your questions and we’ll answer our favorite 20. Consider it a fan-made interview, with you asking questions and playing “good cop/bad cop”, and us fearlessly answering.

Here’s the only two rules-

1) We don’t want two people sending in 1000 questions. Variety is the spice of life, after all. The more people asking questions, the merrier.

2) Adam and I reserve the right to bypass any questions that may involve our previous lives of crime, though tales of our mayhem and hell raising are acceptably open for conversation, and will be answered. In other words, we will not answer any questions that will provide an admission of guilt for the law and land us in jail, or worse, Guantanamo Bay…

Send your questions to us at ProjectMayhem “at”

When enough have arrived, we’ll start posting answers.

Okay, let the games begin >:-)

Yours in Rock,

\m/ Keith \m/


  1. I love all of your lyrics, Keith, but I just have to ask. On the new album, will there be any more lyrical themes like there were in The Way and its Power? Like Assassins, and King of Everything, or even Blood Doll in SDoR? Thanks! Keep it rockin’!

  2. Hello AC , how you managed to get their music came to play Guitar Hero and Rock Band? algun has links with game producer?

  3. Questions you want- you got:

    What is your biggest goal in life? And not necessarily just in music- in general, too. (Collectively or individually- Either way is interesting)

    • I’m in Japan right now — when I get back, Keith and I are gonna sit down and answer all the questions that came in. And finish the new fistful of songs coming before summer!

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