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recent interview with a new music blog in the UK.

Keith & Adam will be interviewed on WAAF tonight, Sunday, April 12th at 11:15PM EST.

Adam was recently interviewed (again) for the JOAF blog, mostly about Anarchy Club. The interviewer transcribed the entire hour-long conversation by hand, so points for that! If you’re in the mood for a loooooong read, it’s here:

Adam von Buhler interview Part 1

Adam von Buhler interview Part 2


Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

Alex Obert: We were talking earlier about Behind the Mask off of your debut album, The Way and its Power, I’d like to get into one of the segments on there. With A Day At The Office, do you feel that was inspired by Pulp Fiction?

Adam von Buhler: (laughs) Well, those are funny, those skits. I think funny as in bizarre. It just seemed like such a natural thing to do at the time because we were so intoxicated with being our own self-contained band and working in our own studio. We had all these tools in front of us that were toys to us, so we made those skits. And years after the album came out, I was like, “Oh man, I don’t know if we should have put those on there.” I kind of second guessed them and had doubts about them, but I thought, “Eh, if somebody really hates them, they can just program their CD player to skip those tracks.” And then years later after that, I kind of had a mental turnaround and I thought, “You know, that stuff’s just so crazy, I’m glad it’s on there.” I could never make those again without being self conscious, but I’m glad that at that time, our pure id just fell out onto the tape like that. And that particular one, the Day at the Office, that is again touching on the main themes of Anarchy Club. Illicit activities, fast cars, weaponry, hot girls, a certain attitude, all of it wrapped into a single ball. And that’s me in the middle saying, “What can I do for ya?” We put a stupid amount of time into those skits too. Looking back on that now, that was kinda crazy. They’re really dumb, they weren’t worth the amount of time that we spent on them to make (laughs).

Adam and Keith will be on WAAF tonight at 11PM EST.

Since Keith is still doing Kung Fu training in China at the moment, and I’m churning away on the next album in the shadows, here’s something from back in January to keep you guys awake.

Anarchy Club has just done our first proper, official interview. The French blog “Enemy Ace” got the scoop. So pull up a chair, take off your shoes, and dive in — it’s not a short read!

Check it out here

Keith and Adam are going to be on WAAF this Sunday for an interview and to premiere new songs. It’ll happen around 11:15PM EST. You can listen in *live* from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. The station has a live streaming option (go to and click on “LISTEN LIVE”).

We’ll see you there…

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