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It now has a name:


We’ve got about 7 songs in the oven so far, in varying states of dress and readiness. Some song titles: “Here And Now Or Never”, “Motherf*****”, “Hidden Secret Song”, and “Nameless”.

Stick around for an announcement on how you can help us birth this beast in the spring…


  1. Motherfucker…BEST SONG TITLE EVER!! Nameless reminds me of King of Fighters 😀

    • Wait until you hear the song! It’s… well… “aggressive” and “emphatic” are the words that come to mind.

      And “Nameless” is a story song, in the grand tradition of The Gentleman and Guilty.

  2. I think I’m going to like “Nameless.” “Guilty” and “A Single Drop of Red” are two of my favorite songs.

    • Here’s a little backstory on “Guilty” for you then. When we were making The Way And Its Power, we spent about half the time recording, and the other half watching classic Kung Fu movies. We were crazily inspired by the pioneering movie “Come Drink With Me”, and the song exploded out of that.

      Come Drink With Me

  3. sounds great, can’t wait… might I say… “w00t”

  4. Definitely looking forward to the new album. Time to elicit as much excitement and support amongst friends as possible. With songs titled “Motherf***er” and others being along the lines of “A SIngle Drop of Red” and “Guilty”, that should not be too hard to do.

  5. Awesome!

  6. Great! Can’t wait.
    It’s funny, I listen mostly to electro music (daft punk, justice). I’m even trying to get big in the genre and stuff but I’d is one of my favourite bands. Ever! Hope you continue to make music forever!

  7. Holy Crap cant wait for this! I bought (yes. bought) all your albums. ive been a huge fan since i heard behind the mask in gh1. good luck guys!!

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