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The first of many Anarchy Club tracks that are set to appear in RBN this year. Thanks to That Authoring Group for turning this around so quickly.

Für Immer Verloren on RBN


  1. Finally! This song is going to be fun! What other songs are you planning for RBN this year?

    • Well… does it spoil the fun if I tell? Next up are Built To Grind and King Of Everything. There are a couple more oldies-but-goodies after those, and then a couple from the new album when that’s done. All depends on how smoothly everything goes.

      I’m really looking forward to BTG, because of Ernie’s massive drum challenge, and KOE, for the tricky singing.

  2. HOLY FFF!

    I’m getting this as soon as I get home!

  3. I want to buy everything. So, release everything.
    Maybe not the skits. Probably won’t play too well in the game.
    Other than that, release everything. I need more.

  4. I bought it the moment it was released… played it a few times too… I also plan to buy EVERYTHING you guys put out there.

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