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Category Archives: RBN DLC

Hidden Secret Song” is out via the Customs Creators Collective.

Back when the Rock Band Network was still a thing, we were secretly prepping a tricked-out version of Behind The Mask as our final offering to the game. RBN kicked the bucket before That Authoring Group were able to finish encoding the song.

We’ve now decided to release it for free via the Customs Creators Collective. So if you still have RB3, you can grab a revised version of the song to add to your DLC. Since there were more playable instruments available than back in the original Guitar Hero days, we added some stuff to make it more fun to play. Adam added a guitar solo, there are more drum parts, and so on. But the essence of the song is intact.

If you download it and play it, let us know what you think.

Please to enjoy our latest RBN offering.

Play on, player.

“A Bullet In The Head” is now showing up in the store for PS3. (It was previously Xbox-only)

The RBN DLC downpour continues…

Ok, a number of you have asked why the recent blast of Anarchy Club Rock Band Network songs are only showing up on Xbox and not PS3.  Turns out Sony has a 5 song per week limit on RBN DLC, so Harmonix has to pick and choose which songs get ported to that gaming platform. They base it off of fan demand and sales.  

There’s a place you can go to help make this happen:  PS3 DLC Request Forum

If enough peeps make noise, everyone will win…

UPDATE MAY 9, 2012:
Looks like that’s working. We’ve now broken through to get “Für Immer Verloren”, “King of Everything”, “Rise and Shine”, and “A Bullet In The Head” onto the Playstation 3. Thank you to everyone who made noise.

Ladies and gents, That Authoring Group brings you the next chapter in Rock Band Network madness:

Rise And Shine

And there’s still more on the way.

Big ups to RockGamer Studios for this: “Built To Grind”, newly added to RBN today. Give it a try… we dare you.

“Built To Grind” on RBN

In other news, work on the album continues deep into the night, every night. Make room in the darkest, most recessed chamber of your heart for a new infusion…

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing our friend and yours… Sun Wukong! Brand-new DLC now available. Please enjoy at maximum volume. Brought to you by That Authoring Group.

King Of Everything

The first of many Anarchy Club tracks that are set to appear in RBN this year. Thanks to That Authoring Group for turning this around so quickly.

Für Immer Verloren on RBN

So we announced a while back that we were partnering with a Rock Band Network authoring company called Kario Charts to bring fresh Anarchy Club to RBN. I’m here today to tell you that we’ve pulled the plug on this sad, sad episode. Turns out these guys are an “authoring company” the same way I am the emperor of the planet Xirxon. (Hint: I am not the emperor of the planet Xirxon.)

I’ve decided not to post my correspondence with these guys. That would be mean. I’ll hold my fire.

Anybody who was waiting on new Anarchy Club in RBN (and I know there were more than a few of you), hang in there. We have to start over.

Dethklok said it best: sometimes one must PULL THE PLUG, PULL THE PLUG…