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Back when the Rock Band Network was still a thing, we were secretly prepping a tricked-out version of Behind The Mask as our final offering to the game. RBN kicked the bucket before That Authoring Group were able to finish encoding the song.

We’ve now decided to release it for free via the Customs Creators Collective. So if you still have RB3, you can grab a revised version of the song to add to your DLC. Since there were more playable instruments available than back in the original Guitar Hero days, we added some stuff to make it more fun to play. Adam added a guitar solo, there are more drum parts, and so on. But the essence of the song is intact.

If you download it and play it, let us know what you think.


  1. any way to get an audio track for personal listening?


  3. I’m really excited to see “Behind the Mask” come to Rock Band, and it’s really awesome of you to release it as a free custom! The new additions to the song are definitely welcome and sound amazing. Count me in as another who’d buy a digital single to listen to.

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