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Ok, a number of you have asked why the recent blast of Anarchy Club Rock Band Network songs are only showing up on Xbox and not PS3.  Turns out Sony has a 5 song per week limit on RBN DLC, so Harmonix has to pick and choose which songs get ported to that gaming platform. They base it off of fan demand and sales.  

There’s a place you can go to help make this happen:  PS3 DLC Request Forum

If enough peeps make noise, everyone will win…

UPDATE MAY 9, 2012:
Looks like that’s working. We’ve now broken through to get “Für Immer Verloren”, “King of Everything”, “Rise and Shine”, and “A Bullet In The Head” onto the Playstation 3. Thank you to everyone who made noise.


  1. A Bullet in the Head is also now available on the 360 ^_^

    luckily, I use my 360 to play RB… not my PS3… I win unless DLC stops.

    • Sweet, I didn’t even know that myself. Hope you don’t mind that we had to bleep out some words to get it into RBN.

      Try it on drums — it’s tricky!

  2. I do mind :-p

    nah, I sing them anyway 😉

    also, I will try it on drums… probably today… or tomorrow.

  3. long as Criminal & Collide release I’m good ^_^

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