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If you like over-the-top action, martial arts, guns, and awesome, then check out “The Raid – Redemption” if you get a chance. It’s playing for a very limited screening time in a bunch of cities across the U.S. It’s John Woo meets Ong Bak, with a decent plot and an imaginative premise.


  1. Did you see this at the Loews theater last Saturday? It just dawned on me that a guy I spoke with after the movie looked somewhat like you. Kind of surreal.

    • Yeah, I was there. Were you one of the guys in the restroom that I was talking about kickboxing and Silat with?

        • titanz0r
        • Posted May 6, 2012 at 4:50 am
        • Permalink

        Yes. Yes, I was.

  2. O_O hoooooolyyyyyyyyyyyyy SH*T!!

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