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We’re in the studio today, working with furrowed brows and cracking sinews. “Life In The Underground” is taking shape.


  1. that is so cool rock on! u guys

  2. That is a kick ass pic! I see that at least one of you went to S X SW. Any chance you could be convinced to come to Asheville, NC sometime? It is a pretty awesome place: beautiful scenery, LOTS of interesting people (including a local drum circle), and of course reining Beer City USA title holder!

  3. Oh, I have no doubt that Asheville is the bomb. There are so many places we want to visit. The way our lives are right now though, we have to fight to carve out time and space in which to conjure the music. Anarchy Club has a slow metabolism… but I really think these new songs are going to make up for that. This stuff is pure canon, if you know what I mean.

    We have been turning down the shows we’ve been offered so far this year for a number of reasons, but when we’re ready, you’ll know it. If we had a magic carpet, we’d cross the country and then hit France, Germany, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia, and all the other far-away places that show up regularly in this site’s traffic log.

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