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Please to enjoy our latest RBN offering.

Play on, player.


  1. Please don’t let the lack of comments deter you from producing more songs for Rock Band Network… Considering that it is going to be the only source of music from here on out after next week.

    • Believe me, we loved the RBN while it lasted; it’s one of the few ways for the band to get any income since RBN tracks can’t be pirated! (and since the future of music, streaming, sucks donkey balls for bands.) But getting stuff into that RBN pipeline is a pretty involved process, just barely worth it for us. We will have at least one more song in there though, and it’s “the big one”.

        • William Havens
        • Posted May 4, 2013 at 3:23 am
        • Permalink

        Oh wow… That’s awesome. Just is there any word if it’s still coming after the hacks on Harmonix?

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