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artwork by Su Young Kim

artwork by Su Young Kim


  1. Wow guys… nice punk rock styled song! free is always a good price 🙂

  2. Sweet baby Jesus clones! Time to pester everyone on stalkerbook with the glory that is new Anarchy Club!

  3. I am getting the impression that you are big Misfits fans.

  4. You guys gonna cover their song “The Crimson Ghost”?? It’s my favorite song by them and besides It’s about their mascot.

    • We’re definitely done with Misfits covers now. Got that out of our system!

        • Raven
        • Posted March 7, 2013 at 3:38 pm
        • Permalink

        Are you going to cover Kiss at some point?? My favorite band who I have been listening to since I was two.

      • We did play “Larger Than Life” in our live set once a couple of years ago.

  5. Are you going to do anything studio wise??

    • So many questions! 🙂

      We generally have no idea what we’re going to do from session to session, so I can’t really say. Right now we are working on about 5 or 6 new, original songs that are sounding very lovely.

      Besides, the uncertainty is part of the fun…

        • Raven
        • Posted March 8, 2013 at 3:40 pm
        • Permalink

        Yes surprise us and sorry about all the questions. Anarchy Club is my second favorite band (Kiss comes first sorry) and I like to be up to date.

      • We are big fans of 70’s-era Kiss. Ain’t no shame in that.

  6. 70″s-era was my favorite. The music was heavier. Way heavier.

    • I can’t hang with anything after Dynasty… but everything before that is magic.

  7. My favorite album is probably Kiss or Hotter Than Hell.

    • In your honor, tonight I blasted the first Kiss album while washing baby bottles in the kitchen.

  8. Wow thank you. You know at some point we have to have a real conversation.

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