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Big ups to RockGamer Studios for this: “Built To Grind”, newly added to RBN today. Give it a try… we dare you.

“Built To Grind” on RBN

In other news, work on the album continues deep into the night, every night. Make room in the darkest, most recessed chamber of your heart for a new infusion…


  1. For Anarchy Club, there is always room in my heart. Can’t help but wonder about this new infusion you speak of, though…. Time will simply have to tell, I suppose.

    • Ha, I didn’t mean we were suddenly going to sound like jazz fusion or anything like that! I was just looking for a word for “thermonuclear spiritual supernova”

  2. soooo… are we going to get another batch of songs on RBN?

    • Yes indeed. Two more are due in the next few weeks, and more this year. So we went from an absolute drought to a flood, at last.

  3. I prefer floods to droughts… thank you for making me enjoy rock band 3 again 🙂

  4. so, it looks like Kario gave up their 2 songs to TAG! yay! will we see more after that?

    also, on the fusion note, the band “Apartment 26” did exactly that. they went from a nu-metal style (somewhat similar to Rob Zombie) with their debut album “Hallucinating” to a unique fusion style with the second album “Music for the Massive”

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