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… until they catch the Boston bomber. Can’t leave my house, and Keith is locked in his apartment with nothing to drink but absinthe.

This has been a messed up week. I’ve walked right past the bomb spot a million times in the last decade.

And it’s not every day you get a grenade-and-AK shoot-out right down the street like we had last night…

UPDATE: looks like they just captured the guy.


  1. Glad you guys are okay and that this nightmare is coming to a close.

    • I agree. I’m very happy you guys are safe…… And I never get happy

  2. And I honestly didn’t know about the bomber until I looked on your site today. I don’t watch the news.

  3. I had heard about the Boston bombing but I didn’t know that YOU TWO were close to that spot. I’m happy you to are ok

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