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Keith writing lyrics in the original AnarCave (a.k.a. Adam’s apartment), around the time of making The Art of War.

Keith in action

Into gaming? Keith is leading a lively discussion on this game over on our Facebook page right now.

Whenever I’m sitting here working on Anarchy Club tracks and testing out various synthesizer sounds, if I get something that smells like dubstep, I think, “Nope, that won’t do — wouldn’t want to sound like Taylor Swift.”

Iranian skaters and a mohican hijab. Cool. (Remember, Iran is the place where they hang gay people. Non-conformity there is not a trivial thing.)

Iranian skater punx

punkrock hijab

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Goth goes global – Nairobi now boasts a sizable goth community

Goth goes global

Reminds me a bit of this.

It’s Keith here. Just wanted you all to know I was back in the studio today with Adam after a hiatus to deal with some personal life drama. we’re working on something new and (some might say) outside our comfort zone, but no worries, I promise thundering beats and crushing riffs. I’ll be doing a few more sessions before disappearing again to deal with more of life’s unfortunate plot twists. Again, no worries, I’m not dying, I’m not going to prison, and I’m not laying low to hide from bands of shadowy Kung Fu assassins. I’m not posting this to fish for well wishes or start the rumor mill going. I just thought I should explain why I’ve been absent of late, and let you all know that you can expect some new music from us sometime around September.

So, until then, enjoy the summer! I’ll be popping on from time to time to touch base, say hello, and checking in to see what you’re all up to 🙂

Yours in Rock,

Keith Smith

PS: And just for the record… to clarify… MY MIDDLE NAME IS NOT ARTEZ!!! 🙂 screwed it up years ago, and have yet to correct it. Please feel free to swamp them with e-mails!!!

Things are stretching out slowly in the Anarcave so far this summer. Keith is dealing with some life stuff, and recharging his muse. I’m keeping the engine warm.

Just wanted you guys to know that we’re still alive…

After working on some tunes, Keith and I went to the Steampunk Fest today in Waltham. He’s checking out a 100-year-old motion picture machine.

Steampunk Keith

Also, we thank Brenden Schroeder, who just grabbed everything in our online store — our complete catalog of CDs and all four styles of t-shirt — all in one shot. Now that’s how it’s done!

Keith and I went backstage at the Killing Joke concert tonight. Here I am hanging with my all-time lifelong guitar hero, Geordie. Fortunate that he forgot I spilled beer on him at the Empire Club in London when I was 17…

Adam and Geordie

When they played The Death & Resurrection Show, I thought the roof was going to collapse.