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Category Archives: Anarchy Club

A snippet of Anarchy Club and Russell Farhang running through “Skulls”. Just throwing random stuff up here to tide you guys over until the new album. We are pretty much just finishing one last song and then the album is complete.

We’re in the studio today, working with furrowed brows and cracking sinews. “Life In The Underground” is taking shape.

It now has a name:


We’ve got about 7 songs in the oven so far, in varying states of dress and readiness. Some song titles: “Here And Now Or Never”, “Motherf*****”, “Hidden Secret Song”, and “Nameless”.

Stick around for an announcement on how you can help us birth this beast in the spring…

Kind of random, but I just came across these in my computer. Might as well put ’em up for posterity.

… so let it be done. We have decided to put our energy into an album of all-new material, which will be available in the spring of 2012.

Let’s hope they postpone the apocalypse until then.

A haunting lament for the thing we all love most…

Keith sang.

Adam played the guitars.

Russell Farhang played the violin.

Raqmo did the cover art.

As always, Anarchy Club music is 100% AutoTune-free.

Grab it from iTunes!

Here’s an action shot from back in the day, taken at a Samhain gig. Can you spot the member of Anarchy Club in the pit?

Photo by Philin Phlash

Please insert into your ears the following sonic waves: YIN AGAINST YANG.

The cover art comes from the mysterious ninja empress RAQMO.

Drums on “Criminal” were performed by the Right Honorable Caleb Wheeler.

We hope these tracks will tide you over for a while until we drop the next batch later this year.

As with all Anarchy Club music, play this LOUD.

Live at Cynthia von Buhler’s Fur Gnarl. Unrehearsed, and clumsily recorded on an iPhone. But a wild night, nevertheless. The interactive fairy tale in the dark forest afterwards was… interesting.

Crazy Train


(zipped version)

Coming in a couple of weeks: a new double-A-side digital single, “Für Immer Verloren / Criminal”. I’m just putting some finishing touches on the guitars and Raqmo is finishing her cover art. As he was born to do, Keith brings the fire on these two songs, lyrically and vocally.

The first track is a pounding fist, steady and thunderous, while the second is more of a roller coaster whose brakes have stopped working.

I sincerely hope these new tunes cause a delightful loss of bodily function control for you all.

Stand by…